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Shadows of the Armored Icarus


See me here, a silhouette clad in old grief and pessimisms like blackened steel armor barbed with cynical razors. Behold me and you will know: to touch me is to bleed. Unstoppable and immovable; hollow and terrible – more a shadow than a man – I was not always so. Once I beheld a goddess Continue Reading →

The Door to Madness


The door to Madness has opened. I have been invited. Peace and unity are promised to this mind so angry and divided. Through the door, on the other side, all of hell’s Madness extends before me. In the land of lies I can live the truth; I am myself, the monster only I can see. Continue Reading →

Grey Hairs


I was fourteen when I asked Dad about his beard. I wanted to know why it was already so grey. He said, “I have one for every worry, hurt, and fear. Listen a minute, and I’ll tell you how it got this way: “I spent two years killing gooks for Lyndon. The shrink said I Continue Reading →

Guilty Survivor

sarah's ghost

I’m here alone in my head,trying to purge my regret,asking why I never kissed you.I’m here alone in my bed,trying so hard to forget.Do you know how much I miss you?I saw the signs.I knew the breed.I heard the lies.I felt your need.But I was busy, baby,and you never said the word.Or maybe you did, Continue Reading →