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Heretic: Sample Chapter

Read Heretic: Sample Chapter

Warning: The following contains some plot spoilers if you have not finished reading Warlock’s Wake. PROLOGUE Shield Spire Deep within the belly of Shield Spire, muffled by countless yards of solid stone, Dillon screamed in anguish. At first, he had roared curses and bellowed with rage. As the evening progressed, he cried and sobbed. But Continue Reading →

Warlock’s Wake: Sample Chapter

Warlock’s Wake Prologue & A Portion of Chapter One South Eastern Strogur Ash’s massive chain-mailed fist slammed out a resonating bass rhythm against the oak door. He backed up and bellowed, “Open the door!” His words bounced off the oak just as his fist had. The door and the home it protected answered with silence. Continue Reading →