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The Heretic’s Quest: Tristan

Tristan Cole: Freeblade Thief and Assassin

Tristan Cole is a member of an underground rebel group called the Free Blades.  He’s a thief and an assassin who loves to rob and kill members of the Serene.  He’s 5’ 11” tall, and shaved bald, but has a mustache and short beard.  He has hazel eyes and is 32 years old.  He’s lean Continue Reading →

The Heretic’s Quest: Ferris

Ferris is a master designer and inventor of the world's most advanced technology

Ferris Magellen is an old man with a mind of gears and pulleys. With pipe in mouth and bushy eyebrows furrowed in fathomless concentration, his spidery fingers draw precise plans and schematics for the inventions that spawn from his mind. As Grandmaster of the Barriers, Ferris leads the only group that enjoys immunity from Serene Continue Reading →

The Heretic’s Quest: Killjoy, King of Bandits


Killjoy is an old war dog, long of tooth and grey of hair. His long grey mane is often braided into a single thick braid that runs the length of his back, reaching almost to his knees. He sometimes ties a spiked steel ball into the end of the braid, and he can use his Continue Reading →

The Heretic’s Quest: Anthony Reeves


Anthony Reeves is a fat old man with round, ruddy cheeks and triple chins. His crown is glossy bald, and but he has a full, thick, white beard and moustache. He laughs often and loudly, and his good mood is extremely contagious. At a glance, he seems to be the jovial, fatherly proprietor of the Continue Reading →

The Heretic’s Quest: Palmroy


Palmroy is Alexi’s nephew and squire.  After the boy’s father died in Alexi’s service, the House Father took Palmroy under his wing in an attempt to undo the pampering his sister had rendered.  However, Palmroy’s taste for luxury and soft living could not be rooted out.  When the story begins, Alexi can barely tolerate his Continue Reading →