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The Heretic’s Quest: Sarveki Holy Cities


Many, many villages, towns, and cities pepper the landscape of the Sarveki Empire, but there are eleven cities which are larger, busier, and more important than all the rest. Known as the Holy Cities, these sprawling urban areas are the seats of power for the Emperor and the Noble Houses. Each was founded by Carthos Continue Reading →

The Heretic’s Quest: Sarveki Calendar


The Heretic’s world is not our own. It’s close to ours – maybe the one right next door – and it shares many similarities. Time is one of these similarities. The Heretic’s world takes 365.25 days to revolve around its sun. It takes 24 hours to rotate once about its axis. Most people in the Continue Reading →

The Heretic’s Quest: Strogun Clans


The entire length of Dae Aerinon is split from north to south by the Mirrored Mountains. Only three passes connect the west to the east: The Pass of Elmek, the collapsed pass at Stone Pike, and the Southern Gap. The Sarveki Empire dominates the eastern side. The western side is home to the Strogun Clans. Continue Reading →

The Heretic’s Quest: Noble Houses


Carthos Sarvek unified over fifty fiercely independent tribes to create his initial empire. His technique was simple and effective; he defeated them in battle, killed the chieftain, and then sired a son with the chieftain’s closest female relative, which then became the leader of the tribe. While the sons matured, the tribe was then controlled Continue Reading →

The Heretic’s Quest: New Prophets

Fists raised in defiance

Since Carthos Sarvek died, the Serene have controlled access and interpretation of his writings and teachings. In a country where most people cannot read and books are a rich man’s luxury, the Sanctuary wields tremendous power over the masses, who look to their spiritual leaders for guidance, trusting them to interpret and teach the words Continue Reading →