An Angel on Delta Flight 1746

Angel on Delta Flight 1746

She woke, her face full of wonder and confusion as she regained bearing and understanding of the wakeful world. He watched questions and conclusions cross her face until her eyes widened with the realization that she’d slept with her head against his shoulder, this stranger she’d met barely an hour earlier when she boarded the Continue Reading →

Heretic Drinking Cups


Jen Lasko, my good friend and Heretic Legionnaire, made two drinking cups for me.  They are green and purple, like the Warlock’s eyes, with the symbol of the Elemental Way carved into their sides.  I’ve already broken both of them in with a few pints of Woodchuck Apple Cider and Killian’s Irish Red.  They work Continue Reading →

Bare Hands

The road that passes my house is too narrow for two cars to pass each other when one (or both) of them is a huge SUV or heavy-duty truck (which my neighbors need for all the off-road terrain and dangerous conditions they must navigate in TOWN.)  When two of these over priced road hogs meet Continue Reading →

Shadows of the Armored Icarus


See me here, a silhouette clad in old grief and pessimisms like blackened steel armor barbed with cynical razors. Behold me and you will know: to touch me is to bleed. Unstoppable and immovable; hollow and terrible – more a shadow than a man – I was not always so. Once I beheld a goddess Continue Reading →

Chocolate Syrup Taught Me How to Take Control of my Life

Chocolate Syrup

When I was a little boy, my favorite breakfast was homemade buttermilk biscuits and chocolate syrup. Mom had a PhD in biscuit making; her biscuits were light brown and crispy-crunchy on the outside, but fluffy and yummy as cotton candy on the inside. She made chocolate syrup which was dark, rich, and almost as thin Continue Reading →